Easthaven Solitaire

This is a solitaire sometimes known as Aces Up. It’s like a mixture of Spider and Klondike.

Unlike the other solitaire game with which it shares the name “Aces Up”, this game has a much higher chance of winning. But luck is still a big part of this one. It’s harder to win than standard Klondike and way harder than something like 1 suit Spider.

how to play Easthaven Solitaire by hand

Unlike Spider, you’ll only need one deck for this one (no Jokers please). First shuffle. Then start setting up the 7 tableau columns. For the first row, deal 7 cards (1 per column) face down. Do the same for another row. Now, deal 7 faceup cards across the columns. You will now have a total of 21 cards on the tableau (14 face down, 7 face up). Leftover cards will go to the stock.

Now you can start playing the tableau as though it’s Klondike. Sequences on the tableau are built down (descending) by alternating color (King down to 2). If you find an Ace, put it in one of the foundation piles.

Foundation piles are built up (ascending) and by same suit.

If you manage to empty a column, by default, you’re only allowed to upt a King, or a valid sequence starting with a King, on this blank spot. However, you can change the game preferences to allow any card.

So what happens when you run out of moves? This is where it starts to look more like Spider.

You deal cards from the stock much like Spider, which is to say, you deal them directly to the tableau columns. So when you access the stock, you place 7 cards onto the tableau, one to each column. Unfortunately, this has a habit of wrecking your perfect sequences (just like Spider!).

Your ability to get yourself out of these situations will be part skill and part luck.

You win the game by moving all of the cards to the foundations. You lose the game when you throw your mouse at the wall.

And if you’re prone to mouse violence, you definitely don’t want to play the other aces up solitaire.