Aces Up Solitaire

You may also know this game as Idiot’s Delight which is funny because I felt like an absolute idiot the first time I tried to play it.

Other common names for this one are “Aces High” and “Drivel”.

Different from most games is that Aces are high here. Traditionally, Aces are the equivalent of a 1 card, but here they’re worth 14 (Kings being worth 13).

The basic premise is to discard cards that are worth less than other cards of the same suit. The exception is the Ace card. Since Aces are high, you never discard an Ace. Now here’s where I was first confused: you can only discard a card when there is a higher card of the same suit that is the topmost card of its column. So let’s say you have an Ace of Diamonds somewhere on the board. Since it is the highest possible Diamond card, you can discard any other Diamond so long as the Ace of Diamonds does not have any other cards on top of it. This is what confused me at first.

Also, here’s an example of something you might think was a valid move, but isn’t. If you’ve got an Ace of Spades and then a King of Spades on top of it, you might think that you’d be allowed to trash the King, but you can’t because the King is covering the Ace. In this situation, basically your only way out is to open up a free space on the board and move that King of Spades onto it. At that point, the Ace will now be uncovered (the top-most card) so you can now feel free to trash the King (and remember you need not worry about trashing the Ace since it’s the highest card and can therefore never be discarded).

playing Aces Up Solitaire by hand

First, get yourself a deck. Next, burn the Jokers (just kidding, but you won’t need them on this one). Shuffle completely.

In Aces Up, there are 4 columns. Start your game by dealing one card to each column, then look for available moves. When you’ve run out of moves (happens a lot in this game), deal 4 more cards. That’s pretty much all there is to this game.

With a win ratio of something like 1 in 30 (feels more like 1 in 3,000), prepare to spend most of your time frustrated, because luck is going to factor most into whether you win or not.

On the plus side, with Aces Up, at least your death will be pretty quick. But then you’ll respawn and storm the castle, only to be beaten swiftly again. Curses, Aces Up Solitaire!